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 The Best Equips?

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PostSubject: The Best Equips?   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:17 pm

Here, lets discuss the better equips in one section since the equips are very limited.

Lets start with shield, they're the easiest.
Shields, obviously get the best one.
The second card is varied. Medusa if vit isn't 100(w/ bonuses)
If breaker, Horn. Its unnerfed! If priest or champ with pneuma, Andre Egg Card.

Now, garments:
Best slotted garment your char can equip. Get 2, and a ragamuffin manteau for entering precast.
1. Raydric/Noxious for neut resist and range resist. Well, if you're a HP or champ, raydric.(pneuma!)
2.Whatever opposes your armor element:
If you chose Marc, use Jakk.
3. Bapho Jr for the breaking purposes, or another 30% element resist.

I think for breakers, Crystal Pumps would do best, but IIRC they're female only. Next, is the best shoes you can equip.
1.Its all in the class. Matyr for HP, Sohee for SP. If you feel lacking in both, get Verit. (for champs, there is no reason for you not to get verit.)

Best you can equip. No thief clothes or ninja suit pls.(Wheres the shinobi sash?)
You have 3 armors.
For MDEF, Silk Robe pwns.(+10 mdef)
For Dex oriented classes, Tights.(+1 Dex)
1.Evil Druid for breakers. Immunity to aspersio, Poison element, cursed water users.
2.Marc Card(unfrozen hehe)
3.If you don't have HP, lolwiz, look at your HP.
If its lower than 7k, Pupa card. If its higher, Peco Card.
4.If you can't choose, get more resist.(Meteor Storm stuns, LoV stunlocks and blinds.)

5 accesories? Cool... waitaminute where are the morpheus items?!
1. Safety Rings.(Marry them! They'll give you the last steps toward the highly coveted... Magic Miss! and add redux since theres no ice picks.)
2. Slotted Gloves. This plus Zerom Cards give you 8 dex, and that's alot in LR servers.
3. Slotted Rosary. Mdef and Luk. Nice.
4. Breakers, meet your new best friend, the Kobold Rings.
1. For breakers, Kobold Cards.
2. For cast time redux, Zerom Cards.
3. For anything else, a Smokie Card.
4. For Str, Tarou + Cramp combo gives 5 str.(since no vanberk card)
5. For other obvious purposes, Horong. If you still have slots.

Weapons: i leave it to you, since this is obvious.
For 4-slot weps and >100 str/dex : 2 hydra 2 skel worker
For 4-slot weps and <100 str/dex : 3 hydra 1 skel worker
For 4-slot weps and unbreakable : 2 hydra 1 skel worker 1 golem
For 3-slot weps : 2 hydra 1 skel worker
For 3-slot weps and unbreakable : 1 hydra 1 skel worker 1 golem
For 2-slot weps : 1 hydra 1 SW
For 2-slot weps and unbreakable : 1 hydra 1 golem

The hardest section.

MDEF? Use the Drooping Cat.(+15 Mdef. Thats insane.)
DEX? AoA.(+3 dex.)
Cards? Pick the best hat you can wear.
Resist? Beret.
1. Elder Willow. (int + 2)
2. Cramp. Cramp + Tarou(5str) > Mantis(3str).
3. Marduk Card. Immunity to silence is always good, if you dont have 100 vit.
4. Grand Peco card if Peco card is used on armor.

Binocs - dex + 1
Slotted Sunnies - The best item evar. Another slot for Marduk/Cramp/E.Willow!
Cards: Look up.

Iron Cain - Every little def counts.
Gangster Mask - Useless if you have Marduk, but its ok in terms of resist. Useful if your vit isn't 100, and reduces needed vit by 15 for silence immunity.

Oh yeah, and I think you don't need a lower gear unless you can't switch. So, pick either the gangster mask or another slotted headgear/drooping cat.

No cards, since there are no slots. And that ends my guide, hope you liked it.
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The Best Equips?
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