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 WoE Server to Server Tournament

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PostSubject: WoE Server to Server Tournament   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:10 am

Information about Tournament.

Your items WILL be provided. IRO items only.

***This is going to be a one day event, in a low-mid rate server based settings:

* Max level is 99/70
* Max stat is 99
* Max aspd is 190
* Max members in one guild: 60

July 26th
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM GMT + 1 Registration
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT + 1 WoE
Someone give me the time for OUR server.

You do not have to level up your own characters. You do not have to hunt for your gear.

will be 14 towns available for guilds: Prontera, Morocc, Geffen, Payon,
Alberta, Izlude, Aldebaran, Lutie, Comodo, Yuno, Amatsu, Niffelheim,
Jawaii and Ostia - custom capital of FeelRO. Inside all of these towns
every player will be able to easily find a lot of 'Guild spots' -
places, that have everything needed for a guild to prepare for the
tournament. These spots, containing 16 NPCs and Kafras with Save
options, will be set up not only in towns, but also in various places,
like dungeons and fields - for players, who prefer not to be disturbed.
Right after the server opening on July 26th guilds with no less than 20
members online - will be able to occupy these spots, so no other guild
can save, cast LP or open warps there.

List of NPCs in a Guild spot:

1. Kafra
2. Job changer NPC - allows to choose any job.
3. Level up NPC - levels a char up to 99\70
4. Equipper NPC - distributes equipment
5. Supplier NPC - distributes usable items
6. Rentai NPC - carts, falcons, pecos, homunculus - with total intimacy and friendly - for creas
7. Stat\Skill resetter NPC (not available during woe)
8. Healer NPC
9. Platinum skills NPC
10. Repair NPC (10 sec delay)
11. Arena warper NPC - to allow players to test their damage
12. Emperium NPC - for guildmasters only.
13. Guild level NPC - levels guilds to level 50
14. Castle warper NPC
15. Stylist NPC
16. Hair stylist NPC
17. Aura NPC "

Additional information on rules and set ups can be found here:


(Every player can choose any 3 of those + 3 cards):

Poo Poo Hat
Drooping Cat
Apple of Archer
Mage Hat
Crown of Mistress
Ghost Bandana
Hot-blooded Headband
Biretta [1]
Cap [1]
Gemma Sallete [1]
Circlet [1]
Helm [1]
Evil Wing Ears
Angel Wing Ears
Fin Helm
Opera Phantom Mask
Opera Masque
Welding Mask
Gangster Mask
Iron Cain
Sunglasses [1]
Mythical Lion Mask [1]

cards: Elder Willow Card, Willow Card, Giearth Card, Deviruchi Card,
Marduk Card, Nightmare Card, Leaf Cat Card, Leib Olmai Card, Dryades
Card, Giant Hornet Card, Grand Peco Card, Gibbet Card, Stalactic Golem
Card, Cramp Card

(Every player can choose any 3 of those + 3 cards):

Muffler [1]
Manteau [1]
Ragamuffin manteau
Ancient Cape

cards: Raydric Card, Mars Card, Jakk Card, Dustiness Card, Isis Card,
Marionette Card, Myst Card, Whisper Card, Frilldora Card, Jr. Baph Card

(Every player can choose any 3 of those + 3 cards):

Mantle [1]
Coat [1]
Mink Coat [1]
Chain Mail [1]
Ninja Suit
Thief Clothes [1]
Tights [1]
Saint's Robe [1]
Silk Robe [1]
Lord Clothes [1]

cards: Marc Card, Evil Druid Card, Argiope Card, Bathory Card, Dokebi
Card, Swordfish Card, Sandman Card, Peco Peco Card, Pupa Card, Roda
Frog Card, Brilight Card, Creamy Fear Card, Dark Frame Card, Demon
Pungus Card, Giant Spider Card, Killer Mantis Card, Majoruros Card,
Sasquatch Card, Wraith Dead Card, Disguise Card, Grizzly Card, Karakasa
Card, Nightmare Terror Card, Pest Card

(Every player can choose any 2 of those + 2 cards):

Shoes [1]
Boots [1]
Crystal Pumps
High Heels

Associated cards: Matyr Card, Verit Card, Sohee Card, Eggyra Card

(Every player can choose any 2 of those + 2 cards):

Guard [1]
Buckler [1]
Shield [1]
Mirror Shield [1]

Associated cards: Thara Frog Card, Horn Card, Increase Soil Card, Medusa Card, Thief Bug Egg Card, Andre Egg Card

(Every player can choose any 5 of those + 5 cards):

Bow Thimble
Brooch [1]
Earring [1]
Glove [1]
Necklace [1]
Ring [1]
Rosary [1]
Safety Ring
The Sign

cards: Horong Card, Kobold Card, Kukra Card, Mantis Card, Spore Card,
Zerom Card, Yoyo Card, Vitata Card, Smokie Card, Obeaune Card, Muka
Card, Marine Sphere Card, Alligator Card, Taro Card

(Every player can choose any 3 of those + 12 cards):

1H Axes

Axe [4]
War Axe [1]

2H Axes

Battle Axe [4]
Hammer [3]
Two-Handed Axe [2]
Bloody Axe
Light Epsilon
Great Axe

1H Spears

Pike [4]
Pole Axe [1]

2H Spears

Trident [3]
Halberd [2]
Crescent Scythe

1H Swords

Blade [4]
Tsurugi [2]
Haedonggum [2]
Saber [3]
Ice Falchion

2H Swords

Katana [4]
Bastard Sword [3]
Broad Sword [2]
Two-Handed Sword [2]


Bible [2]
Book [3]
Book of Billows
Book of Gust of Wind
Book of Mother Earth
Book of the Blazing Sun
Book of the Apocalypse
Tablet [1]


Composite Bow [4]
Crossbow [3]
Arbalest [2]
Gakkung Bow [2]


Main Gauche [4]
Gladius [3]
Damascus [2]
Moonlight Dagger
Fortune Sword
Assassin Dagger


Waghnak [4]
Claw [2]
Finger [2]
Fist [1]


Jur [3]
Katar [2]
Jamadhar [1]
Katar of Frozen Icicle
Katar of Piercing Wind
Katar of Quaking
Katar of Raging Blaze
Sharpener Legbone of Ghoul


Mace [4]
Chain [3]
Morning Star [2]
Long Mace


Violin [4]
Lute [3]
Gumoongoh [2]
Guitar [1]
Loner's Guitar
Burning Passion Guitar
Green Acre Guitar
Gentle Breeze Guitar


Rod [4]
Staff [3]
Arc Wand [2]
Evil Bone Wand
Mighty Staff
Survivor Rod (DEX) [1]
Survivor Rod (INT) [1]


Rope [4]
Wire Whip [3]
Whip [2]
Ing Whip [1]
Electric Wire
Gaia Whip
Icicle Whip
Red Flame Whip
Lariat Whip
Queen's Whip

cards: Andre Card, Mummy Card, Desert Wolf Card, Elder Card, Minorous
Card, Archer Skeleton Card, Hydra Card, Orc Skeleton Card, Skeleton
Worker Card, Drops Card, Fabre Card, Golem Card, Soldier Skeleton Card,
Farmiliar Card, Breeze Card, Garm Baby Card, Magnolia Card, Marina
Card, Metaling Card, Metaller Card, Plankton Card, Requiem Card, Savage
Babe Card, Snake Card, Sidewinder Card, Zipper Bear Card

Supplier NPC provides all kinds of usable items:

2000 x Condensed White Potion
1000 x White Potions
1000 x Mastela fruit
500 x Blue Potions
60 x Green Potion
60 x Panacea
100 x Grape
10 x Yggdrasil seed
5 x Yggdrasil berry

Champions and Soul Linkers will receive additional SP consumables

Champions - additional 1500 x Blue Potions
Soul Linkers - additional 500 x Blue Potions

45 x Concentration Potion
45 x Awakening Potion
45 x Berserk Potion

30 x Speed Potions
30 x Fire Resist Potion
30 x Cold Resist Potion
30 x Earth Resist Potion
30 x Thunder Resist Potion

10 x Quiver
10 x Iron Arrow Quiver
10 x Steel Arrow Quiver
10 x Oridecon Arrow Quiver
10 x Fire Arrow Quiver
10 x Silver Arrow Quiver
10 x Wind Arrow Quiver
10 x Stone Arrow Quiver
10 x Crystal Arrow Quiver
10 x Shadow Arrow Quiver
10 x Immaterial Arrow Quiver
10 x Rusty Arrow Quiver
10 x Holy Arrow Quiver

300 x Stun Arrow
300 x Frozen Arrow
300 x Flash Arrow
300 x Cursed Arrow
300 x Poison Arrow
300 x Sharp Arrow
300 x Sleep Arrow
300 x Mute Arrow

100 x Holy Water
100 x Cursed Water
50 x Flame Elemental Converter
50 x Frost Elemental Converter
50 x Seismic Elemental Converter
50 x Lightning Elemental Converter

900 x Blue Gemstone
500 x Red Gemstone
600 x Yellow Gemstone
100 x Crystal Fragment

700 x Fire Bottle
700 x Acid Bottle
100 x Bottle Plant
100 x Marine Sphere Bottle
300 x Glistening Coat

1000 x Cobweb
60 x Poison Bottle
2000 x Traps
100 x Venom Knife
200 x Butterfly Wing

300 x Steel
250 x Iron
250 x Iron Ore
250 x Rough Oridecon

WoE 2.0 Repair:

600 x Stone
600 x Trunk
200 x Steel
200 x Emveretarcon
120 x Oridecon
40 x Elunium
100 x Blue Gemstone
100 x Red Gemstone
100 x Yellow Gemstone

Additional supplies for Whitesmiths:

5.000.000 zeny

Additional supplies for Ninjas:

3.000.000 zeny

Additional supplies for Creators:

1.000.000 zeny
Tournament Rules


- Don't use inapproporiate (immoral, irritating, rude) guild emblems
- Don't use inapproporiate (foul language, harrasing) guild\char names
- Don't spam skills outside gvg/pvp zones
- Don't spam in public chat
Play fair: no unrequested deals to opponents inside the castles, no
kyrie outside the castle to remove assumptio, no Ice Walls to close
entrances to the castles, every guild participating in WoE should have
an emblem. Maximum allowed transparent area for the guild emblem is
30%. Change emblem function during WoE will be disabled.

Defining the winners:

WoE 1.0 castle in guild's possession after the WoE is over is worth 1
point. Each WoE 2.0 castle in guild's possession after the WoE is over
is worth 1.5 points. Guild with highest number of points after the woe
is over - wins.

If there are several guilds with the equal
number of castles - the winner is decided based on this formula:
(attack factor+defence factor)

There will be 3 winners in the main competition + 1 winner in the competition of kills (decided by killcounter)

Tournament Prizes

Winners names, names of their guilds and the names of the servers they
represented will be listed on RateMyServer and FeelRO pages

2. Video with winners will be posted on YouTube. Links to this video will be posted on RateMyServer and FeelRO pages.

3. Screenshots with winning teams will be posted on RateMyServer and FeelRO pages.

A set of 3 pendents + 3 earrings (for girls) and 3 key rings (for
boys), made of italian glass, silver, swarovski crystals using lampwork
technology - on a silk ribbon. All this - handmade by our designer
Alara in a shape of porings (girls) and deviruchies (boys). Will be
sent to winners by mail to distribute among the best players of their
teams. (images coming soon)
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WoE Server to Server Tournament
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