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 Build for Asura type Champ

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PostSubject: Build for Asura type Champ   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:04 am

This build is made specifically for this upcoming WoE Tournament. The equipments are modified for the items that is allowed during the event.


Str: 99+19
AGI: 1+21
VIT: 40+3
INT: 47+17
DEX: 75+31
LUK: 1+3

Statistics (Item stats not included):

Max HP : 10381
Max SP : 1117
DEF : 90
MDEF : 90
HIT : 205
FLEE : 136
Perfect Dodge : 1.4
Critical : 22.2
MATK : 145 ~ 208
ASPD : 141.88
HP Regen : 60
SP Regen : 22

-Apple of Archer
-Gangster Mask

Chain[3] 2pcs Hydra Card, 1pc Skeleton Worker
Long Mace

Silk Robe[1] Pecopeco Card
Silk Robe[1] Marc Card

Muffler[1] Raydric
Muffler[1] Noxious
Ragamuffin Manteau (Magic User)

Shoes[1] Sohee
Crystal Pumps (Magic User)

Gloves[1] Zerom
Gloves[1] Zerom

Gloves[1] Smokie

Safety Ring
Safety Ring

All items are refined to their safety stage.

Combat Results:
-Against monster Vanberk:
Race: Demi-Human
MDEF: 6 + 48
Element: Neutral4
Size: Medium

Asura Strike

Hit Ratio 100%
Dodge Ratio 46%

Cast Time 0.58sec
Delay (Fixed Type) 1s
Minimum Damage 70482
Average Damage 70875
Maximum Damage 71268
Damage Per Second 44669.12
Minimum Number of Hits 1
Average Number of Hits 1
Maximum Number of Hits 1
Average Battle Durration 1.58s
Base Exp Per Hit 4203Exp
Job Exp Per Hit 901Exp
Average Damage Recieved 2 (1 ~ 7)
Average Damage Recieved (w/dodge) 1.06Damage

Give Feedback please
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PostSubject: Re: Build for Asura type Champ   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:33 am

wait... This is an asura champ, right? What's the wrench for? You're not gonna normal attack.
Str, reduce by 8, reduce dex by 1(every stat point counts!) and add int by 6 for the matk bonus(heal, right?). And add the rest in vit.
And, the Smokie Glove isn't gonna help your switching. Try a rosary instead.(mdef + 3 and slotted!)
The long mace is a good idea, but if you know how to use pneuma, well, it isn't that good. Same with the noxious card.
And for survival purposes, its pretty much a good build, but too much is wasted on weapons. Use a mighty staff for asura.(+10STR! /rice)
And the third weapon, i'd prefer a Golem, SW and a hydra chain.
You'll never know when they'd break your weapons, do you? And we HATE WS nabs, don't we?
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Build for Asura type Champ
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