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 Build for SinX SBK Type

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PostSubject: Build for SinX SBK Type   Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:04 pm

This build is made specifically for this upcoming WoE Tournament. The equipments are modified for the items that is allowed during the event.

Vit Type SBK SinX:



Statistics (Item stats not included):

Max HP - 12576
Max SP - 1008
DEF - 24
MDEF - 0
HIT - 187
FLEE - 156
Perfect Dodge - 1.9
Critical - 3.7
MATK - 295 ~ 460
ASPD - 138.48
HP Regen - 72
SP Regen - 27

-Gangster Mask

Sabre[3] 3 pcs Zipper Bear Cards
Blade[4] 4 pcs Zipper Bear Cards
Blade[4] 4 pcs Mummy Cards

Chain Mail[1] Marc Card
Chain Mail[1] Evil Druid card

Manteau[1] Raydric
Manteau[1] Noxious
Ragamuffin Manteau (Magic User)

Boots[1] Matyr
Crystal Pumps (Magic User)

Gloves[1] Zerom
Gloves[1] Zerom

Earing[1] Vitata

Ring[1] Mantis

All items are refined to their safety stage.

Combat Results:
-Against monster Vanberk:
Race: Demi-Human
MDEF: 6 + 48
Element: Neutral4
Size: Medium

Soul Destroyer

Hit Ratio 100%
Dodge Ratio 67%

Cast Time 0.2sec
Delay (Fixed Type) 2.8s
Minimum Damage 8392(3000+5392)
Average Damage 8642(3000+5642)
Maximum Damage 8892(3000+5892)
Damage Per Second 2874.28
Minimum Number of Hits 2
Average Number of Hits 2
Maximum Number of Hits 2
Average Battle Durration 6.01s
Base Exp Per Hit 2102Exp
Job Exp Per Hit 451Exp
Average Damage Recieved 214 (95 ~ 332)
Average Damage Recieved (w/dodge) 71.38Damage

Give Feedback please
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PostSubject: Re: Build for SinX SBK Type   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:43 am

I see one problem with your build. Too low vit, or no head slot.
Abuse the slotted sunnies they give you, and remember, If you have 100 vit, immunity to silence, your worst enemy. Either sacrifice the masquerade or waste time getting silenced. Other than that, seeing this build really tells me that we are REALLY being limited. (Mes > Saber)
Slotted Sunnies + Marduk Card.
And, multiples of 10. Reduce int to a mult. of 10, add str. Ah, and you need agi for reducing after-cast delay.(just some like 10 - 20)
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Build for SinX SBK Type
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